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Is My Dog Welcome to My Shasta Lake Houseboat?

Is My Dog Welcome to My Shasta Lake Houseboat?

Is my fur baby welcome to come along on my houseboat trip? The answer is a resounding yes! For peace of mind, find out about any rules and regulations your houseboat rental might have.

What are you allowed to do and where are you allowed to take your beloved dog? Are there any off-limits spots on hikes and camping? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Where Can I Find Out More Information About Fido and Houseboating?

Get all the information from us today. Our friendly team will guide and tell you about houseboat rental policies & procedures.

There is a small extra charge for pets.

We are here to ensure a successful house boating experience for all concerned. Our customer service understands how important it is for everyone. This is to ensure a successful house boating experience.

How to Pet-Proof Your Houseboat for a Successful Vacation

Successful vacationing is always about the finer details. As you would do with toddlers and small children, ensure your boat is dog-friendly.

If you can, take your dog on the boat before the big day to get them acquainted to their surroundings.

Here are some hacks to make your vacation a roaring success:

Take your pet on a tour of the boat on a leash or harness when you arrive. This will help him or her become familiarized with the environment.

  • Let your pet sniff and explore. This will help him or her become used to being in the water.
  • This is the perfect time to introduce your pet to his or her pet flotation device (PFD).
  • A PFD is equal to a life jacket. Everyone should have one. Including Fido.
  • It’s important for your pet to become familiarized with the PFD. The first time should only be for a few minutes.
  • Increase the time until your dog gets used to wearing one in time for your vacation.

More About Pet Flotation Devices:

Your PFD should always have a handle on the back. This is between the pets’ shoulders so you can easily lift your pet out of the water if needed.

  • Practice lifting your pet twice before you board your houseboat.
  • This way, both you and Fido will become familiarized with the maneuver.
  • This is a smart way to find out whether you can lift your pet should he or she get into trouble.

What Else Will My Pet Need for Houseboating Success?

Summer in California is hot. The Shasta Marina area is hot for the pet’s paws. You need to plan well and take this into consideration.

Other things to bring along on your excursion include plenty of fresh drinking water and food. Dogs can dehydrate just as easily as humans. Ensure you have plenty of water on hand if you go hiking or walking with your pet. Planning your walks and outings around the hottest time of the day is a good idea.

Pack plenty of newspapers and a dog toilet. Ensure you take your dog ashore and bring along bags and a poop scoop to clean up afterwards.

Pack plenty of energy bars for the kids and remember some special snacks for your dog. Treats are the way to reward your pooch for his or her good behavior.

A harness, carrier or leash are a must. You need to comply with leash laws. Health Regulations stipulate they do not permit dogs in marina stores.

A dog ladder or dog ramp attached to the deck will help you dog on and off the houseboat. You can get a collapsible floating ramp you can easily attach to the deck.

If your dog is overweight or elderly, a ramp is the perfect solution. Enquire about ramps when making a booking.

Pets are welcome on all Shasta Lake Houseboats. Find out more about bookings, prices and policies.

Always ensure your pet has his or her vaccinations up to date. Bring these along for verification should you need proof.

We Help You Have the Vacation of a Lifetime!

It takes much preparation and patience to bring pets along on a vacation. If done right, everyone will have the best vacation ever. Pets are our friends and taking them along on a vacation is a great way for everyone to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Dogs love boats and the water. We are a pet-friendly resort and welcome your canine companions abroad. Give your dog the time of his or her life. Take your fur friend on a new adventure every day. Explore the local spots, or moor up and take him for long, leisurely walks. Find out about Bridge Bay Marina Shasta Lake’s dog-friendly houseboats and book yours today.

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