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Houseboating Vacations: Easy Ways to Extend Your Vacation

Houseboating Vacations: Easy Ways to Extend Your Vacation

What’s better than a weekend or week-long Shasta Lake vacation? A Shasta Lake vacation that lasts even longer!

And if you want to maximize your hard-earned vacation days, and enjoy the breathtaking waters of Shasta Lake to the fullest, you’ll find there are many ways to extend your stay, and enjoy more time relaxed and in a vacation state of mind.

On your upcoming getaway, make the most out of your Shasta Lake excursion, and extend your trip. These easy options allow you to unwind, have fun, and start your adventures sooner rather than later.

1. Look into Early Boarding

Can’t wait to launch your Shasta Lake vacation? At Bridge Bay Marina, you may have the option to board early!

Bridge Bay marina offers an “Early Board” service that allows you to board and sleep on your houseboat the evening before your scheduled boarding date (subject to availability).

As such, you can ease into your vacation as soon as you arrive, and enjoy a jump start on your houseboating adventures.

Visit our booking policies and procedures page here to learn more.

2. Spend a Day or Two on Land

Why not mix up your accommodations and vacation experience, and enjoy a night or two at The Lodge at Bridge Bay?

Located next to Shasta Lake and steps away from your houseboat departure point, these lakeside accommodations are an ideal spot to enjoy a little extra R&R before and after you launch your houseboating vacation.

Enjoy a wonderful dinner at the CookHouse at Bridge Bay with a waterfront backdrop at our acclaimed restaurant.

Spend a little time enjoying the relaxed surroundings of the Shasta Forest before you head out onto the open water.

3. Add an Extra Day or Two Onboard

Are you suddenly able to take a couple of extra days off during your upcoming vacation? Then why not extend your stay onboard?

You may be able to add extra days to your houseboating vacation, depending on availability. Just be sure and contact Bridge Bay as soon as possible if you’d like to add extra time to your upcoming houseboat stay.

4. Have a Road Trip Adventure

Getting to Shasta Lake should be a part of the fun, and depending on which route you’re taking to land at Bridge Bay Marina, you’ll likely find lots of roadside attractions along the way to discover.

Leave a little early, and reserve a few hours to discover the hiking trails, landmarks, parks, and attractions that are all en route to Bridge Bay Marina, and which can provide hours of fun for everyone riding along.

By transforming your drive to Shasta Lake into a genuine road trip, your vacation will begin as soon as you get behind the wheel.

5. Book Your Next Trip!

Anticipation is part of the fun, so as soon as your houseboating adventures are over, why not start planning your next getaway?

With gorgeous weather throughout the year and attractive value season rates for fall getaways, you can start planning for your next adventures as soon as you arrive at the Bridge Bay docks, and can enjoy months of looking forward to your next opportunity to getaway.

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