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Health Benefits of Kayaking  

Health Benefits of Kayaking  

Kayaking in the great outdoors can be one of the most beneficial ways to get exercise. If you have never done it before, kayaking requires more arm and core strength than you might imagine! But if you’re a beginner at kayaking (or even exercise in general), don’t worry. There’s a first time for everything.

Today we’re here to learn about the mental and physical benefits that kayaking provides. For some, kayaking is so therapeutic, it doesn’t even feel like exercise!  

Keep reading to learn more.   

Physical Benefits of Kayaking 

Kayaking builds physical strength as well as endurance and stamina. A fifteen-minute paddle provides both a full-body workout as well as a cardio workout, making it one of the few activities that is a complete exercise. 

Kayaking targets the upper body, the core, the glutes, the back, and the legs. Kayaking is a physical activity that can help sustain your life by preparing your body to function better and increasing your mobility. This helps with all of the day-to-day activities you have to do such as sitting at a desk, standing for long periods of time, grocery shopping, chores, and more.   

Another benefit of kayaking is improved balance and coordination. Unless you enjoy falling into the water, you use core muscles to keep you balanced and ultimately stay dry. Because your core is activated throughout the activity of paddling, you strengthen the muscles that help you stay balanced in normal day-to-day activities as well.  

When you build time in your day for physical activity, your body benefits through increased strength, increased metabolic rates, and decreased risk for diseases and illness. In plain terms, kayaking can help improve the way your body uses energy and burns fat for weight loss. It also increases oxygen and blood flow to make movement and exercise easier over time.   

Kayaking is also great because it is known as a low-impact form of exercise. This means a ton of stress is not placed on your joints in order to complete the movement. For people prone to injuries or those who suffer from arthritis, low-impact exercise is often their only option to get physical activity.  

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Kayaking   

Physical benefits are, of course, always welcome, but sometimes people are just looking for peace of mind.  

Being out on the water and in nature can help clear the mind and heal the soul. Plus, when your body is physically active, you can experience improved mood, better focus, healthier sleep, reduced stress, and stronger memory retention. Your brain receives endorphins as a result of exercise, which helps keep you going longer and stronger throughout your day. The benefits also may also help extend your life.  

One aspect of physical activity, such as kayaking, that is not written about as much is the fact that not only will you feel better in the short term, but that feeling of wellness can be sustained into old age. It is important to note that while a person may live a long life, that is different from living a long-life pain and medicine free. Activities such as kayaking can produce results for you that last long after you may have stopped doing them.  

You don’t have to experience these benefits alone. Bringing a friend or taking a kayaking class can be a fun way to explore kayaking as an activity. The connection to community is an additional emotional health benefit. Winning! 

Social and Environmental Benefits of Kayaking  

As human beings, we are meant to be outside and enjoy the earth around us. We are social creatures but have evolved to staying indoors and living a sedentary, solitary lifestyle. Kayaking can help us get our bodies back to their roots and what they were made to do: move!  

While kayaking can be a great solo activity, it is best done with others. This is true not only for camaraderie but also for safety reasons. You can easily make kayaking a social activity where friends and family can challenge themselves and spend quality time together.   

Spending time in nature also improves brain functioning and self-confidence and teaches us to appreciate our natural surroundings. The more people go outside and explore the world around them, the healthier the environment and the people that exist within it are. Spending time in the sun (with plenty of sunscreen of course) also provides a natural source of vitamin D. 

Kayaking can help you live and lead a fuller, happier, and healthier life. Come to Shasta Lake and learn for yourself, you’ll see!  

Kayak at Shasta Lake!   

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