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4 Tips for Having the Best Group Houseboat Vacation Ever

4 Tips for Having the Best Group Houseboat Vacation Ever
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Considering some of the most enticing and luxurious Bridge Bay houseboats can accommodate up to 13 guests, it’s not unusual for large groups of families, friends, or even colleagues to come together to share the open waters of Shasta Lake.

Granted, in these spacious and accommodating houseboat options, (like the Grand Sierra EX or the Grand Sierra), there’s room for everyone in the party to relax, find some space, and simply unwind.

But even so, there’s always some extra considerations when you are vacationing with a large group – especially when multiple personalities, ages, and interests are all involved!

So ensure your upcoming group houseboating vacation is smooth sailing by reviewing the following tips.

Whether you are a close-knit family of four or an extended family of 12 or 13, you can ensure everyone connects and has a ball with a little smart planning both before and during your on-the-water adventures.

1. Have a Healthy Balance for Group Activities

Just because you are vacationing together doesn’t mean you all have to follow the same schedule! With our luxurious and spacious houseboats, it’s easy for the kids to enjoy the waterslide and play in the water for hours, while the adults relax on the shaded upper deck.

Also, you may want to look at the many on-land excursions available, (like the Shasta Caverns), and to talk with your fellow vacationers beforehand about who wants to tag along for which adventure, and when.

2. Discuss Budget and Finances Early

When planning your vacation, it’s best to discuss finances early on. Decide right before you make the reservation who will be the “point person” for booking, and how the cost will be distributed.

Also, come up with a rough idea of additional costs – like food, gas, and activities – and determine how these costs will be shared. By discussing the budget up front, there’s less likely that there will be miscommunication down the road.

3. Assign Responsibilities Early

Everyone in your crew has their own unique set of talents, and level of enjoyment, when it comes to chores and responsibilities.

Some folks may love cooking but hate cleaning, while others may enjoy being the group activity organizer, but doesn’t feel comfortable navigating and taking the wheel of the houseboat itself.

So figure out ahead of time what your party members will be responsible for throughout your trip. If it helps, assign a captain and co-captain to take the reins, and to help steer the vacation in an always-enjoyable direction.

4. Relax – you’re on vacation!

One of the best aspects of a houseboat vacation on Shasta Lake is that it is naturally easy to unwind.

From the hundreds of miles of panoramic views to the steady background noise of lapping water, stress just naturally melts away when you shake off the cares of daily life, and focus on enjoying your surroundings.

So enjoy them! By forgetting about the little things that bother you at home or work, and simply taking in the present moment with your friends and family, you can create an unforgettable vacation that everyone in the crew will love.

Happiness is contagious, after all, so if you concentrate on loving and living the vacation lifestyle, chances are everyone in your party will effortlessly drift into that enchanting vacation state of mind.

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