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Tips for Planning the Perfect Big Group Getaway

Tips for Planning the Perfect Big Group Getaway
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One of the best aspects of our Bridge Bay houseboats is they can accommodate plenty of Shasta Lake explorers. With spacious houseboats that can accommodate up to 12 passengers, it’s easy to plan a large group getaway without leaving any friends or family members off of the guest list.

With that being said, however, any large-scale vacation requires a bit of smart planning beforehand. So before you reserve your Shasta Lake houseboat with Bridge Bay Marina, consider these tips that will make your grand vacation a breeze, well before you step onboard.

Designate a Point Person

You’ll want one person to make the reservation, ask questions, and basically keep track of all the details of your Bridge Bay Marina retreat.

Having a point person to make appropriate reservations will make the online booking process wonderfully easy. It will also save time when it comes to the initial planning stages.

Figure out Funds Early

How will you divide up the cost of your vacation, including your houseboat rental, food, and activities? And when and how should these funds be allocated?

Get any pricing or budget questions out of the way early, so they do not arise during your trip, and you can simply concentrate on having a wonderful time.

Determine Sleeping Arrangements

Our Bridge Bay Marina houseboats have ample options when it comes to finding a comfortable place to get some rest! Our more luxurious houseboat models even have separate bedrooms and bathrooms, to ensure that you can get a bit of privacy – even in a large group setting.

To avoid confusion after you board, go ahead and figure out sleeping accommodations beforehand. This way, it will be easier for everyone to unpack, unwind, and dive into vacation mode as soon as your vacation begins.

Have a Rough Game Plan with Room to Relax

When it comes to large group vacations, it’s helpful to have one or two activities or days planned. Allow for plenty of leeway for folks to go out and explore on their own.

Poll your group and find a couple of outings that inspire everyone’s interest – like a trip to Shasta Dam, or an exploration of Mount Shasta – and then create a rough schedule with plenty of room for deviations as needed.

Create a Household Chore Plan

You don’t have to distribute all household chores equally. However, it helps to determine beforehand how everyone can pitch in to keep your on-the-water accommodations inviting throughout your vacation. Divvy up assignments as needed, based on your group’s talents and preferences.

For example, you may have one or two people who love to cook. And maybe a couple of others who would prefer to do dishes.

Nothing has to be set in stone! Having a general idea of who can do what chores will alleviate any miscommunications during your trip.

Share the Anticipation and the Memories!

One of the best aspects of plotting a group vacation is you’ll all come home with memories you can share for years to come!

Encourage your group to start a social media event where you can all share photos and information. By keeping everyone excited and on the same page, everyone onboard can enjoy their Shasta Lake vacation to the fullest!

Book Today!

Shasta Lake is an ideal destination for a retreat, and with fewer crowds and attractive off-season prices for accommodations, fall is the perfect time to enjoy all of the ambiance that this natural setting has to offer.

Reserve your fall escape today, and see why people flock to Shasta Lake for an enchanting vacation that is simply unforgettable.

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