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Shasta Lake: Renowned Fishing Destination

Shasta Lake: Renowned Fishing Destination

Shasta Lake is renowned as a popular fishing destination, as the miles of calm and clear waters allow for a number of tasty and enticing species to thrive.

Largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie. bluegills, brown trout, and king salmon can all be found in these waters, (depending on the time of year), and a houseboat provides the perfect platform for casting a line wherever you roam.

So if you intend to do a lot of fishing on your upcoming Shasta Lake getaway, make sure you come well prepared by making note of the following supplies that you’ll need to bring or pick up once you’ve arrived for your houseboating vacation.

1. Rods, Reels, and Equipment

You’ll definitely need to bring along all of your fishing poles and associated equipment, including rigs, lures, extra fishing line, and all the little supplies that will help you reel in the big one.

If you don’t have a bait and tackle store available close to home, then stop at our marina store to pick up everything you’ll need.

2. Ice

Ice won’t just help you keep your on-deck drinks and snacks nice and cold – it will also help you safely store your bait, and any ensuing catches that you reel in from Shasta Lake.

Just like those little fishing supplies, ice is also something you can purchase at the Bridge Bay Marina on Shasta Lake before your departure. Just allow for a little extra time for shopping before you head out on your houseboat vacation.

3. Fishing License

Any person who is 16-years-old or older must possess a valid sport fishing license when taking any fish, shellfish, reptile, or amphibian out of the water in California.

The good news is that a fishing license is very easy to obtain! You can do so online well before your vacation starts at, or you can purchase a license in person at any license agent or CDFW license sales office in the state.

4. Bait

There are all sorts of options when it comes to the right bait to use for Shasta Lake fishing! Rubber worms, spinner baits, and live bait work well for bass, while summer catfishing can be lucrative when you use anchovies, chicken liver, and other “stink” baits.

Your local bait shop or marina store will be a solid resource to determine what’s biting, so be sure and ask for suggestions on what type of bait and rig to use for Shasta Lake before your vacation begins.

5. A Fishing Boat

You can cast a line from your houseboat at any point during your vacation, but if you want to expand your horizons and scope out some of the hard-to-reach coves, then a fishing boat may also be in order!

Bridge Bay Marina offers fishing boats that can accommodate up to five anglers on an hourly, daily or even weekly basis, so you can extend your fishing adventures for as long as you’d like.

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Fishing is a fun and relaxing Shasta Lake activity that everyone in the family can enjoy! Bring along your equipment, your license, and a sense of adventure, and discover this popular Shasta Lake pastime that’s always enjoyable when you have miles of water to explore.

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