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6 Tips for Planning an Easter Getaway to Shasta Lake

6 Tips for Planning an Easter Getaway to Shasta Lake
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Easter is just a few weeks away! And for many families, it means a break from the routine of school and work, a chance to reconnect with family and loved ones, and a few very well-deserved days off.

As such, the Easter holiday may be an ideal time to plan a getaway to Shasta Lake! The spring weather is in full swing, and the region is nicely uncrowded but beautifully inviting throughout.

So, if you’re thinking of escaping during your upcoming spring break, and want to make the most out of your time onboard a Shasta Lake houseboat, consider these tips that will make your upcoming and impromptu getaway simply unforgettable for everyone on board.

1. Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

Because Bridge Bay’s houseboats are so spacious, with multiple living areas and both community and personal spaces, an Easter egg hunt on board your vessel can be a truly fun adventure for your youngest crew members!

Have fun hiding candy-filled eggs around the boat, or head to shore for a more expansive hunt that uses the natural background as an endless realm of hiding places.

2. Take a Hike

The latter spring months of April, May, and June are arguably when northern California’s wildflowers are at their brightest and most colorful best, so take advantage of this brilliant weather by enjoying some on-land excursions.

There is a myriad of nature trails found just steps away from the Shasta Lake waters in veritably every direction, so pick a favorite locale and start exploring.

3. Pack Along a Holiday Feast

Worried you won’t be able to make a big Easter dinner if you’re miles away from home? No problem!

Our Shasta Lake houseboats are designed for cooking and enjoying meals while onboard, so you can pack along all the dishes for a grand Easter dinner with ease.

To enjoy more time enjoying your vacation instead of spending it in the kitchen, make a few oven-ready dishes ahead of time.

Freeze or refrigerate them before you depart on your trip. This way, all you have to do is heat, serve, and enjoy.

4. Bring Plenty of Layers

The spring is an enchanting time of year on Shasta Lake! Temperatures during the day can peak in the mid to high 70s.

While the nights are cool and comfortable, with average temps in the low 50s or high 40s. So come prepared by packing ample layers that will keep you well attired, regardless of what the weather brings.

5. Bring Extra Blankets

The springtime is also a delightful time to relax on the deck and watch the stars with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate.

To enjoy nights of stargazing, be sure and bring along a few outdoor-friendly blankets that will make every evening onboard simply enchanting.

6. Don’t Forget About the Value Season Benefits

One of the biggest allures of a spring getaway for budget-conscious vacationers is the cost, as houseboat accommodations are at their “value season” rates, which make them even more affordable than ever.

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Simply put, with attractive rates, beautiful spring weather, local wildflowers in full bloom, and miles of room to go around, the springtime season is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to Shasta Lake getaways.

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