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Don’t Leave Your Dog at Home!

Don’t Leave Your Dog at Home!

We understand when you go on your vacation, you want to ensure that all of your family members – even the furry ones – can come along.

This reason is exactly why dogs are completely welcome onboard our houseboats, as we know that everyone in the family deserves a relaxing and fun getaway.

But before you make your escape to Shasta Lake, there are a few items and supplies you might want to bring along to ensure your canine companion has a safe and happy trip throughout.

1. Life Preserver

A canine life preserver can ensure your dog can play and splash around throughout your houseboating adventures without running into any trouble.

These easy to wear and comfortable life preservers are available at most online and brick-and-mortar pet stores and will go a long way in providing ample peace of mind.

2. First Aid Kits

Like life preservers, there are first aid kids available that are specially designed for your furry friend!

If you want to simply build your own, ensure it includes pet-friendly medical items such as:

  • Antiseptics
  • Bandages
  • Tweezers for thorns or splinters
  • Antibiotic ointment

3. Your Canine Credentials

In case of an emergency pet visit, it’s also helpful to have your dog’s paperwork and medical records handy.

Bring along any essential info, like their rabies vaccination documentation, as well as information related to any current or past medications and medical issues.

This way, if you do have to make an unforeseen vet visit during your stay, you’ll have everything the veterinarian needs to tend to your pet.

4. Comfort Items

Like human kids, your furry kids can be a little scared or stressed when they land in a new environment. So be sure and take a few comfort items from home to make the transition easier for all parties!

A favorite toy, blanket, or pet bed will go a long way in ensuring that your canine companion feels right at home in no time – even when onboard a houseboat.

5. Calming Tools

If your dog enjoys the water and loves new adventures, then the chances are they will love being on a houseboat vacation.

However, if your dog is nervous in new surroundings or is a little afraid of open water, it might be a good idea to bring along some calming tools to help them get used to the trip.

“Thundershirts” or calming jackets, supplements, and even calming collars may all come in handy to make your pet feel at ease when they first step aboard.

6. Toys and Games

You likely pack along water toys and board games for your human family members, so why not bring along some fun activities for your canine family member as well?

Balls, water toys, and even floats can ensure that everyone has a good time splashing in the water and can add an extra dose of fun to your vacation.

We Can Help

Simply put, bringing your dog along on your vacation is an easy endeavor, provided you pack and plan well.

With a few extra items to ensure all of your family members are comfortable throughout your trip, you can have a fantastic Shasta Lake getaway that everyone in your crew will adore.

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