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Let’s Get Cooking While Staying at Shasta Lake!

Let’s Get Cooking While Staying at Shasta Lake!

For many folks, a great vacation is all about great food! Vacation is when we can ignore the meal plans and diets for a few days, and when we actually have time to relax and enjoy cooking a family feast.

As such, it’s no wonder that so many people love a stay that’s peppered with delicious fare that’s fresh, local, and ultimately tasty.

So if you love to incorporate a big dose of delicious eats while you’re on vacation, you’re going to love Shasta Lake!

With so many options for great cuisine across the board that can range from a romantic dining experience to hearty grub around the campfire, every palate can be accommodated in this decidedly fresh destination.

Want to transform your vacation into a culinary waterfront experience? Then check out these three ways to get cooking – or just get eating – while you’re exploring Shasta Lake

1. Out and About

Pull up to a local marina or docks, and you’ll discover tons of options when it comes to relaxing, and letting someone else do all the cooking for you!

Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake is the home of The Cookhouse at Bridge Bay, which is a full-service restaurant that serves delicious California fresh meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a beloved spot by the locals, (which is always an indicator of a great place to eat), and the spectacular views of the water keep patrons coming back again and again.

In the mood for something sweet or simple? Many Shasta Lake marinas offer snack bars, ice cream, and other easy on-the-go goodies that everyone in the family can sink their teeth into.

Pull up for a quick bite on the go, and enjoy an easy meal or snack that won’t interfere with your hours of time on the water.

2. By the Campfire

Gone are the days when campfire fare consisted of hot dogs, baked beans, and a few toasted marshmallows.

These days, a meal around the campfire can be a varied and modern affair, with everything from Italian-inspired chicken dishes to refreshing fruit crisps. Need a little inspiration?

Then check out our recipe guide, which is loaded with ideas for campfire fare that’s miles above and beyond the traditional.

3. While on Board

One of the best aspects of a Bridge Bay houseboat is that you have a full kitchen on board, and plenty of elbow room to get cooking!

Bring along plenty of dry ingredients to ensure you have ample room in the fridge and an extra cooler for beverages for even more space.

Out larger houseboats, like the Grand Sierra EX, have everything you need for a little stress-free time in the kitchen, as well as extra amenities to make cooking breeze – such as two refrigerators, supplementary ice chests, a microwave, a gas burner stove/oven, flatware and glasses, and even dish soap and a sponge to make clean-up an easy task.

We Can Help!

From preparing gourmet meals while surrounded by miles of water to relaxing by the waterfront for a delicious home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are lots of ways to satisfy a craving for delicious fare at Shasta Lake.

Bring along an appetite and a few favorite recipes, and see how inspiring the cuisine scene on the water can be! Contact us today!

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