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Book Your Houseboating Vacation Today!

Book Your Houseboating Vacation Today!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, the Spring offers an opportunity for a fresh start, as well as an opportunity to start planning for the year ahead. And when you start thinking about what you’d like to do in 2021, one of the most important occasions on the upcoming calendar is likely a summertime vacation!

Now is an exceptional time to get a jump start on your summertime vacation plans, and for a wide variety of reasons. So if you need an extra boost to book your warm-weather houseboating getaway, here are just a few ways now is a prime time to make your reservation.

1. Selection

Many vacationers may start thinking about their summer retreat in the Spring, but smart vacationers use this time as the time to make their concrete plans and concrete reservations.

This is the start of the year, so there is still ample selection when it comes to both vessels and dates.

As prime summertime dates tend to fill up fast, so be an early bird when it comes to booking to ensure you have exactly the houseboat and the vacation timeframe you want.

2. Price and Budgeting

One of the best aspects of booking a houseboat getaway with Bridge Bay Marina is that you’ll have ample time to budget for your vacation.

A booking and security deposit is required at the time of your reservation, but the remainder of the balance is not due until 45 days before your scheduled boarding date.

As a result, you’ll have months to put aside funds as needed for your vacation so that you can stick to your routine and day-to-day budget without any inconvenience or added pressure.

3. Ample Time to Plan

Perhaps you want to take a quick boating course before your vacation, or maybe you want to stock up on toys and games for the most fun excursion possible.

By booking well in advance, you have plenty of time to plan, which makes for a stress-free vacation by the time the summer finally rolls around.

This is especially appreciated by larger parties or parties with multiple friends and family members, as everyone in the crew has plenty of time to coordinate and get on the same page well before it’s time to board.

4. Anticipation

One of the best aspects of a summertime vacation is the anticipation, and when you book your houseboating vacation early, you’ll have months of daydreaming ahead of you!

It’s always refreshing to have something to look forward to. When you go ahead and book your Shasta Lake houseboat, you can immediately start envisioning the warm and sunny days ahead.

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Spring is quickly becoming a popular time for regular Bridge Bay vacationers to book their houseboating vacation, and for a good reason.

With ample selection, lots of planning time, and a way to make it special, planning your Shasta Lake vacation now will truly have huge rewards in the future.

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