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A Houseboat Vacation Offers Unique Experience 

A Houseboat Vacation Offers Unique Experience 

Houseboating combines the best of camping and boating all in one perfect vacation. Most people like to camp in the woods or on a beach, but on a houseboat, you get to do both! Camping out on the water is certainly the dream it sounds like, so let’s discover some of the unique features a houseboat vacation can offer you.  

What Makes a Houseboat Vacation Unique 

Imagine you could pack all the comforts of home and place them in the middle of a lake. Imagine waking up and being immediately on vacation with no need to take an elevator from a room to the breakfast buffet, or drive from the hotel to the lake. You’re already there!  

A houseboat vacation offers the opportunity to spend more quiet quality time with family and friends because you roll out of bed and you’re immediately surrounded by the scenic beauty of nature which calms and recharges even the most type-A personality.  

Things to Do 

  • Plan a themed night. Pick a theme that everyone will enjoy and go for it. Whether it’s disco, luau, or pirates, the options are endless. Most houseboats have sun decks with built-in sound systems you can use to throw a fun, themed party.  
  • Bring a telescope or download a stargazing app and set up camp right on the deck to rediscover the night sky. There is less light pollution in the middle of a lake and stars will appear brighter than you’re used to seeing. 
  • Use the amenities! Some houseboats offer water slides that the entire family can enjoy without having to leave the boat.  
  • Game night! Playing games with friends and family is way better on the water, trust us on this one! Pack your playing cards.
  • Have we mentioned water sports? Enjoy kayaks, paddleboards, inner tubes, swimming, and more all ready to enjoy by just a step off the back deck. You can pack your own equipment or rent it.
  • Take at least one night to roast s’mores and tell ghost stories around a campfire on the shore. It’s easy to build your own fire or bring a starter kit, just don’t forget the food and build the fire away from flammable items, pets, and people!  

Plan Ahead 

Make sure you know what you want to do before you go so that you can book a houseboat appropriate to your party size and desired vacation itinerary. Bridge Bay offers multiple options to suit your exact needs.  

Houseboat at Shasta Lake! 

Shasta Lake is a top-rated spot to rent a houseboat because the options for fun are absolutely endless. A big part of the attraction is the breathtaking mountain and forest scenery. Shasta Lake offers hundreds of coves and bays to explore or fish, along with plenty of water recreation activities. Houseboating at Shasta Lake is also a great way to explore some of the many caverns and rock formations around the shores. Check out the natural waterslide on the western end of the lake, or explore the Shasta Caverns.  

Getting excited and ready to reserve your houseboat vacation? Book now and let the adventure begin.