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Newly Accessible Landmarks of Shasta Lake, Part 1  

Newly Accessible Landmarks of Shasta Lake, Part 1  

There’s plenty of good news for nature lovers and lake enthusiasts this year. The recent rise in water levels at Shasta Lake means many landmarks are now more easily accessible.  

With the higher water levels, people can now enjoy activities such as our houseboats, swimming, fishing, SUP, and other activities in previously inaccessible areas of the lake.  

Find Your Way to Potem Falls – An Adventure Awaits! 

One of those areas is the breathtaking Potem Falls. 

Potem Falls, located in the Shasta Lake National Recreation Area of Shasta-Trinity National Forest, is a gorgeous natural wonder. Set amidst plentiful greenery and surrounded by majestic mountains, the falls plunge down a steep incline to form a pool of crystal-clear waters below.  

The pool entices you to make the plunge and enjoy the cool water, especially on a hot summer day. And speaking of plunges, Potem Falls features a 70-foot drop.  

With its stunning beauty, it’s a wonder why this spot hasn’t yet become one of the more popular waterfall destinations in Northern California. Despite being ideal for swimming and hiking, Potem Falls is a hidden gem. So, it does take a little more effort to locate compared to other popular falls in the area. But it is worth it!

Reaching the Falls 

With its close proximity to Highway 89, within an hour’s drive from nearby Redding, and 3-4 hours from Medford, Sacramento, and San Francisco, it’s fairly easy to access. Yet, relatively few people make the effort to venture out and enjoy its beauty.  

You’ll have a great time on this easy and popular 0.6-mile out-and-back trail near Round Mountain. The trek usually takes around 19 minutes to complete, and you can expect to see others hiking and walking there. This trail is best enjoyed between April and October. You can bring your dog, and in some areas, they are allowed to be off-leash. 

The trail area is comprised of canyon live oak, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine, making it a perfect spot for hikers and nature lovers. 

If you’re looking for dramatic, big rushing flows, it’s best to come in the late winter or early spring after heavy rainfalls or lots of snowmelt. If you’re looking to cool off with a swim after a hot day, the best time to come is in the afternoon in July or August. The sun doesn’t hit the area in the morning

We’ll continue to share more newly accessible areas in and around Lake Shasta from the recent high-water levels. Stay tuned to our blog in the coming days and weeks for more! 

See the Sights, Stay the Night 

Bridge Bay Marina is located near many natural wonders around Shasta Lake. Whether you like to go outdoors with loved ones, or furry family members, there’s something for everyone at Shasta Lake.  

With the lake water levels replenished, why not plan your family houseboat vacation today? Contact us or book your reservation now to get started! 

(Image courtesy rcrundwell via Creative Commons license)