COVID-19 Safety Measures


Here at Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake, we are committed to the health and safety of our guests and our employees. We know the typical Summer Vacation won’t be the same this year but that doesn’t mean it has to be uneventful. A trip to Bridge Bay at Shasta lake could provide an adventure of exploration or a week of leisure to release stress without compromising your health and safety like surrounding yourself in crowded areas like beaches, cruise ships or amusement parks. We know the severity of COVID-19 and we are here to inform you of the policies and protocols we have put in place so you can be confident that Bridge Bay at Shasta Lake is not only a perfect vacation destination, but a safe one. Click on any of the buttons below to see how we are protecting our guests and cleaning our areas!

Front Desk/Check In

The Front Desk is where our guests start their adventure. When checking in for a Houseboat Trip, our spacious office will be able to accommodate four parties at one time in the office not to exceed more than 3 people per group. Each check in station will be a distance of 6 feet or greater from each other. Every station will have a “Plexi” shield in between the Guest and the Front Desk Associate. All other guests must remain outside until a station becomes available. After every transaction, the station will be wiped down with sanitation or disinfection wipe before allowing the next guest to approach the workstation. Each station will have an ink-pen to be used only by the guest. During the wipe down of the workstation after every customer the pen will be wiped and sanitized after every use as well. A Front desk team member will have scheduled times to clean and wipe down the lobby and bathrooms frequently. Every other surface will be sanitized including, floors, walls, ceilings, etc. by a sanitation “fogger” or spray. All touch screen technology surfaces will be wrapped and changed daily. Hand sanitizer pumps will be offered and encouraged for use before starting transactions and after transactions have been concluded while at the workstation. Our associates will be required to wash their hands at a sink with soap and water at every shift or area change during their shift.


We know how exciting it can be to hop on our houseboat and start unloading all your personal items. You can jump aboard knowing that all our houseboats will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Every surface that is meant to be touched including, steering columns, countertops, faucets, handrails, ladders, door knobs etc. will be wiped with viral disinfectants. Every other surface will be sanitized including, floors, walls, ceilings, curtains etc. by a sanitation “fogger” or spray. All eating utensils including plates and cups will be removed from the boat. All guests are encouraged to bring their own plasticware, paper plates and cups for their trip. Provided pots and pans onboard will be washed, rinsed, and sanitized after every trip regardless of signs of use. We will have employees exclusively responsible for the shared dishes that we store on board to ensure proper sanitation after every trip.


When staying at our lodge know that every lodge room will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use. Every surface that is meant to be touched including, drawers, countertops, faucets, phones, light switches, lamps, handrails, tables/chairs, bed frames, door knobs etc. will be wiped with viral disinfectant. Every other surface will be sanitized including, floors, walls, ceilings, curtains etc. by a sanitation “fogger” or spray. All eating utensils in our Kitchen and Family Suites will be replaced with individually wrapped disposable utensils. Miscellaneous items like Clocks, pens, books, writing pads, etc. will be removed from the rooms. All guests will be encouraged to bring their own paper plates and cups for their stay. We will thoroughly clean all pots and pans, cooking utensils and knife sets in our Family & Kitchen Suites after every stay regardless of signs of use. Our Maids will not enter rooms during a guest’s stay to do mid-day cleaning unless specifically requested. If a room “make up” is requested, it must be done without anyone else in the room to successfully practice social distancing. Otherwise only after the guest has checked out will they enter the lodge room for cleaning. All Sheets, coverlets, pillow cases will be washed after every check out. Pillows will be sprayed bare with disinfectant. The bags that are used to transport soiled laundry will be disposable or washed after every use. All our maids will be required to wear masks and gloves while handling any items in a lodge room. The ice Machine at our lodge will be shut off. If a guest requests ice, we will provide them a pre-packaged bag of ice.

Retail Stores

Our stores are a great place to pick up a new sun hat, refreshing beverages or some essential goods that you may have forgotten to bring with you. Store Clerks will frequently wipe down all handles and countertops. Every customer will be encouraged to use provided Hand sanitizer before touching any products. Plexi shields will be placed in front of registers and workspace will be wiped down after every transaction. A team member will have scheduled times to clean and wipe down handles and counters frequently. The Changing Rooms and fitting rooms will be closed. All persons will be required to wear a face mask while inside the store. All employees must wear gloves at all times while working with merchandise or while guests are present. The “Ship’s Store” on our Main Dock will only be able to accommodate 5 persons in the store at one time. Our Land Retail store will only be able to accommodate 10 persons in the store at one time.

Cookhouse Restaurant

After wakeboarding on the lake or suntanning on top of your houseboat, the Cookhouse at Shasta Lake is the perfect place to get a great meal right on the lake! You can either get a quick bite to go or stay a little while knowing our dining rooms are specifically set up for your safety. Tables and guests will be kept at a six feet or greater distance and kept at a 50% capacity. Guests with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 or anyone who has recently cared for anyone with symptoms will not be permitted to dine in the restaurant. Our lobby and waiting areas will be closed to prevent crowding. Guests can be put on a waitlist if a table is not ready and will receive a text or call when a table becomes available. We will have a separate entrance and exit for our guests. At this time we will not be able to serve a party greater than 10 people. Large events will be postponed until future government permissions allow large gatherings. After a guest enjoys their meal a team member will clean and sanitize table condiments, digital ordering devices, check presenters, menus, self-service areas, tabletops, and common touch areas. All Single-use items will be discarded. Only payments by card will be accepted at this time. The Cookhouse at Shasta Lake will evaluate daily for new procedures needing to be implemented to keep our employees and guests safe. We will thoroughly detail, clean and sanitize the entire facility prior to opening. All entry ways/exits will be sanitized after each guest use. All restrooms will be checked regularly, and clean and sanitized on a scheduled frequency. We will make hand sanitizer readily available to our guests. All our dishes, glassware, utensils will be washed twice using hot water. We will not be able to provide open condiments or multi use products including lemons, limes, cherries, onions, and pepperoncini peppers. All our employees must wear masks and gloves while in the kitchen and dining rooms. Gloves must be replaced after every task, after touching workstations, menus, taking payments etc. and before handling food. All employees will keep proper distance from customers while taking orders and use a sanitized serving tray to give customers and items. All employees will be required to wash hands at designated sinks with soap and water frequently during their shifts. Our upstairs bar will be closed during this time.


Our parking lots will be managed to prevent gatherings and to specifically place guests to ensure social distancing is practiced. Off-site parking lots may be required for some guests and shuttles will be provided. All vehicles used will be cleaned and sanitized daily with disinfectant wipes on the seats, seatbelts, handles and arm rests. Guests may be asked to wait in their vehicles before loading a rental boat. This will help prevent crowding and will allow our team members to safely help our guests. We will provide designated areas for loading and unloading only.